Hi! I'm Shelby Solomon, a computer scientist.

Affective and cognitive computing are my
current areas of focus.


My work is not confined to the computer sciences. I am an avid fan of
animated media and graphic novels produced primarily by the United States,
Japan, Korea, and China. To this end I enjoy sketching characters from stories
I experience.

EngageME (final) - A Tool for Reflective Classroom Understanding

Rafting on the Nile - the 1st rapid

Rafting on the Nile - the 5th rapid

Spiderman 2099

Rafting on the Nile - the 2nd rapid

Rafting on the Nile - the 6th rapid

EngageME (proto) - Developed with Old Web Tech

Rafting on the Nile - the 4th rapid

Rafting on the Nile - the 7th rapid

About Me

My name is Shelby Solomon Darnell. I've recently earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Clemson University in May of 2015. My research work is comprised of elements of computational intelligence, pattern recognition, database design, and affective computing. I finished an internship with IBM Research in Nairobi, Kenya at the end of August. I will begin working as a Research Scientist for IBM at the end of November 2015.

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Big Al & Jasmine Unite

My brother, Alfonza Darnell Jr. was married to Jasmine Holt on the Seventh of September 2013. Exclusively from ShelbyDarnell.com you can download the wedding video and a strong plethora of photos.
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If you have queries not answered by this presentation feel free to contact me.